Everly Ryan

Historical Romance Author



“Your money … or your wife!”

When her fiancé trades her for an heirloom ring to a masked highwayman who holds up their coach on a desolate country road, Sophia Astley is hurt and shocked. It soon becomes strikingly apparent to Sophia that she is the true gem the masked marauder seeks and intrigued, she willingly submits to every tantalizing taboo he metes out to her.

Disguised as a highwayman, Jack Badcock, Earl of Stafford, thinks he is acting out the fantasies of a woman he knows only through lurid letters. As he tames his captive with blindfolds, sensual spankings and an alluring array of torrid toys, she plays her role as the abducted, submissive virgin convincingly—too convincingly.

By the time Jack uncovers his fantasy lover’s true identity, it’s far, far too late.

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