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ParaNormalRomance Reviews Debra Glass' Gatekeeper

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"A very sexy ghost story," says Kimberly Bea of ParaNormalRomance Reviews.


Ever since her mother's death, Jillian Drew has been frightened of her ability to communicate with the dead. Her sister Amy is the one who makes her living talking to ghosts and helping them find their way into the light. But when Amy disappears, the reluctant Jillian has to use her powers to find her, with the help of a very sexy civil war era ghost.

Brigadier General Thomas Benton Smith is not only a ghost, he is Jillian's Gatekeeper, sworn to protect her from the soul collectors who have haunted her since her childhood. He also stirs Jillian's emotions and awakens her lust, but his physical manifestation consumes his energy, putting Benton at risk. Must their passion be put aside to preserve Benton's soul?

This is a very sexy ghost story, informed by Glass's own experience as a medium and her knowledge of the civil war. Jillian is easy to relate to and understand, and there was a nice use of details to draw a contrast between the practical Jillian and ethereal Amy. Benton comes across as equal parts gentleman and rogue, a man with a strong sense of honor who is not above a little seduction when needed. There is plenty of suspense here, as Jillian attempts to solve a mystery from the past, and as she finds herself torn between the physical pleasure Benton gives her and the risk in which he may be placing his soul. There were a few times I disagreed with decisions made by Jillian, primarily about revealing her psychic abilities. Although the answers to some of the mysteries in this story came a bit too quickly for my taste, it was full of surprises right up to the end, and those who love ghostly love stories should enjoy this fun and sexy read.