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Restraint by Debra Glass Reviewed by Simply Romance Reviews

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Synopsis: Once renowned for training frigid wives and shy mistresses in the art of lovemaking, Thomas Collins has been approached by the Duke of Wallingford to train his fiancée. The Duke has but one request—Thomas is to save the maidenhead for him.Much to an unwitting Catherine’s surprise, she finds herself blindfolded and bound to a bed, bound by a stranger she knows only by touch…But when Thomas sets out to train Catherine to respond to anything and everything the sadistic Duke might have in store for her, he discovers he must employ every ounce of restraint he possesses to keep from bedding the lovely captive who has stolen his heart.

The heroine, Catherine, is trapped in that classic tale of being sold to pay off her father’s debts. Now remember, women were chattel, and it was done more often than not. Marriages were business deals, not based on love as they are today. Catherine’s intended, Robert, is a sadistic rake who wants her trained to please him, no matter the request, especially when it comes to his deviant sexual desires. And that is where our hero, Thomas comes in. Thomas was considerably older than your usual hero. His actions at the end, while not considered respectable, were what I was hoping for. Catherine falls into her training with surprising ease. But it’s not the training that she’s accepting, it’s Thomas. Set in 1848 England, it was a touching tale of a broad spectrum of emotions and self-discovery. This was an enjoyable read. It wasn’t what I expected on many levels. Set in the context of the time, it was a shocking storyline. But that was the era of decadence, at least if you were a titled man. If you were a gently bred woman, you were for sale. So if you want a titillating read with a warm and welcome ending, don’t restrain yourself.