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Coming March 30, 2009 - Spirit Lifter by Debra Glass

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Spirit Lifter by Debra Glass

Ever since his girlfriend left him, Reed Severin has been depressed, unwilling to lose his heart again. Until the night he rescues a beautiful woman from the massive Tennessee River. Though whispers of danger surround him, Reed nevertheless loses himself in Cora’s willing body, exploring erotic passion unlike anything he’s ever known—until Cora inexplicably vanishes.

Reed soon discovers his newfound lover is a ghost, an ethereal beauty who’s seeking justice for her untimely death. And perhaps one more taste of the pleasures of the flesh.

Meet Reed’s spirit-ensnaring stepsisters, and more sexy ghosts from the south, in the Phantom Lovers books—Gatekeeper, Shadowkeeper and Watchkeeper—by Debra Glass.

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“We need to get you to a hospital,” he said.

“No!” she said, seizing his arm.

Reed looked down at her pale hand on his tanned arm and then back up into her eyes.

“Please don’t,” she said. “Just let me stay with you awhile.”

“Sure,” he said against his better judgment. “Sure.” He swept her into his arms and tried to warm her by rubbing her vigorously. She was probably in shock more than anything else.

He could practically feel the tension melting out of her body. Brushing his cheek against her wet hair, he breathed in the earthy scent of the river mingled with an utterly feminine perfume. Closing her eyes, she nuzzled her face against his chest and Reed held her, listening to the calming sound of Sarah McLachlan’s ethereal voice mingled with the gentle lapping of the waves against the hull of Spirit Lifter.

She shifted against him and then raised her head so that she looked up into his eyes. In the pale moonlight, he could see her eyes were a jewel shade of green.

His heart skipped a beat because he suddenly, intuitively knew she was going to ask him to kiss her.

And then she did.

“Kiss me,” she uttered, even as the fingers of her free hand entwined in his damp hair to draw his head downward.