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Highlights From Southern Magic RWA

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I enjoyed guest speaking at the Southern Magic Romance Writers of America Chapter yesterday. It was great to see familiar faces from my home chapter, Heart of Dixie, and to meet some new writers as well. One of my favorite authors, Kelley St. John, was there with copies of her new book, Flirting With Temptation. Check out the latest Cosmopolitan Magazine where Kelley's book was picked as the Red Hot Read!

Young adult romance author, Jennifer Echols, attended and announced a book signing for her new release, Going to Far. Check out her website for information on her book signing.
Check out Christy Reece's site. Her romantic suspense trilogy is due to release starting in April.

I was especially surprised to see Michael Garrett there. I'd taken his course at UNA when I first got serious about getting published and he steered me toward the paranormal romance section at the book store and to Romance Writers of America. If you are an aspiring author, check out his site.

Southern Magic is an awesome, supportive group for writers and I enjoyed speaking about writing love scenes at their monthly meeting. For information about the group, check out their site: Southern Magic RWA Chapter

Here are the highlights from my handout:

Erotic Romance – Blow by Blow

What is erotic romance?
In erotica, the sexual relationship must be integral to and an important element of the storyline and the character development with the sex scenes furthering the plot and affecting the growth of the characters. Erotic romance includes abundant and explicit sex and sexual tension, starting early and continuing throughout with graphic sex scenes.
The story must also meet the definition of a romance novel: the primary focus must be on the development of a romantic relationship, and there must be an emotionally satisfying committed ending for the main characters.

Every love scene has to be relevant to the story and must show character growth. Nothing is gratuitous.
Show, don’t tell.
Build tension with intimacy rather than with sex or the desire for sex.
Focus on the emotions that build the internal conflict rather than on the physical act of sex itself. Love scenes are not all about action.
Your characters’ sexual behavior can reveal a lot about their motives and personality.
Write what turns you on.
Incorporate all five senses to draw your reader into the scene.
Don’t let your sex scenes overshadow a good plot.

The Twelve Steps of Intimacy:
Eye to Body, Eye to Eye, Voice to Voice, Hand to Hand, Arm to Shoulder, Arm to Waist, Mouth to Mouth, Hand to Head, Hand to Body, Mouth to Breast, Hand to Genitals, Sexual Intercourse

While there are many books on writing erotic romance, the best research is to read what you want to write. Check out: Ellora's Cave's Free Reads