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Shadowkeeper and Watchkeeper by Debra Glass Reviewed by Bitten By Books

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Watchkeeper by Debra Glass receives 4.5 stars from Bitten by Books reviewer, Lacy!

"The chemistry and emotional connection between Gwen and Stede is intense and burning hot with love scenes that do much to reveal Gwen’s character and to show her growth and coming into her own. As with the first two books, Watchkeeper has first-rate description and suspense, as well as lovely use of language for Stede’s voice."

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Lacy awards Shadowkeeper by Debra Glass 4 stars!

"I started reading, excited to see how Amy’s story would unfold, and once I did, I had to make myself stop. The chemistry between Amy and William is emotionally intense and hot. Glass does an awesome job of capturing Amy’s sense of loss and disenchantment with being a psychic who has lost the ability to see with more than just her eyes."

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