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Bought and Paid For
Debra Glass

Unable to support herself and her beloved servants, Widow Carrie Hatcher contemplates the unthinkable—offering her services for money. Forced to board wounded Colonel Wesley McEwen, Carrie vows to make the striking Confederate soldier her first “client”.

But Carrie gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to comply with Wesley’s every illicit request for one week. Throughout long, sultry nights, Wesley tutors Carrie in every position, every skill, of her illicit new trade. From dark taboos to pleasurable punishments, Carrie becomes his willing pupil.

Passions inflamed, the couple becomes more scandalously intimate but Carrie realizes she wants to give him far more than just her body. The colonel, however, may be too haunted by his past to risk accepting more than he’s bought and paid for.

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Copyright © DEBRA GLASS, 2009
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Heart pounding, Carrie moved to the bed and sat beside him. Thus far, she had avoided making eye contact with him as much as possible. To accomplish her goal, however, it was necessary. But when her gaze found his, her breath froze. His eyes were as black as smoldering coals. The color had returned to his face and Carrie was struck by the stark contrast of the gentleman versus the rugged soldier about him.

“I need to examine the wound,” she said, her voice hoarse.

His eyes never leaving hers, he lowered the quilt to expose not only his arm but the entire expanse of his chest—all the way down to his rippled, narrow waist.

Carrie cleared her throat as she leaned close and lifted the bandages away from his wound. Heat exuded from his body. The balmy scent of sleep and coffee swirled around him and Carrie found herself wanting to get even closer, wanting to nestle her cheek against those sparse hairs on his chest. She swallowed thickly and shifted.

“It looks much better,” she said as conflicting emotions warred within her. On the one hand, the doctor would no longer insist on amputating the arm and the colonel would be able to…copulate…with her. On the other, the doctor would not be coming back. There would be no hope for Jenny—until Carrie could earn the money to pay a doctor.

Gently, Carrie replaced the bandage. “I’ve…I’ve considered your offer.”

God, she was so close to him. She could hear the breaths moving through his body. She could see his chest palpitating with his steady heartbeats.

She suddenly felt sick inside. She couldn’t go through with this.

“I thought you might.”

Her gaze collided with his.

He shifted slightly so that Carrie became painfully aware of his thigh at her hip, with only the quilt and her skirts preventing their skin from touching. “It is only fitting that I do what I can to help you financially while I am under your roof.”

Carrie pursed her lips, searching for the right words. “That’s not quite what I wanted to speak with you about.”

Sick panic raced through her veins as his eyes moved over her face. “I’m not sure I understand,” he said.

She lowered her lashes. “I would accept your offer,” she began with reticence, “but only if you allow me to…compensate you.”

When he did not answer immediately, she cast her gaze back up.

He seemed to be studying her. “I think perhaps I am mistaking your meaning and I do not wish to offend you.”

“No,” she said, her voice but a breath. Her pulse pounded so hard she could hear her heart beating in her ears. “You haven’t mistaken my meaning.”

Again, he stared. Carrie knew her face was beet red. She could feel the heat searing her cheeks but it was too late to turn back now.

“Carrie, I think you should plainly state what you are offering so that we both know,” he said firmly.

Delicately, she cleared her throat. “I am offering my…services to you for money. My sexual services.”

She half expected him to either burst into laughter or chide her with a sermon about the evils of prostitution.

He did neither.

Instead, he sat calmly, his expression blank. “You do realize you don’t have to do this?”

“You’re wrong. I do.”

“Carrie, I will see to whatever needs you have.”

“Do you not find me attractive?” she asked, sitting straighter to accentuate the swell of her breasts and her narrow waist.

“That’s not the issue.”

“Do you or do you not?” she demanded, trembling.

He sighed. “Yes. Yes, I find you extremely attractive.”

Carrie wet her dry lips with the tip of her tongue. “I know a man has needs just as I have needs.”

She instantly stopped talking when he reached out and put his hand over hers.