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Debra Glass announces FIVE STAR Review for Flavors of Ecstasy I From Fallen Angel Reviews

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Sonya at Fallen Angel Reviews awards Flavors of Ecstasy I a FIVE STAR review!

Ellora's Cavemen: Flavors of Ecstasy I
Extra Sensual Perception by Debra Glass

Iris Thompson is a psychic and she is helping the police with a series of suicides. She gets four names when there are only three suicides. She must figure out what is going on to save the fourth victim before it is too late. Iris feels that it is very urgent to find the fourth victim because she knows time is very short for him.
Will Iris be in time?

Debra Glass has a unique story on her hands with Extra Sensual Perception. This story will give the reader's chills and thrills as the story unfolds. This is a fantastic read.

French Kiss by Solange Ayre

Amaryllis Gardner has finally found the one man she has been searching for in Dr. Brendan Bradford. Her family doesn't approve of him because he is Irish, but he is everything that she wants. When he leaves her at a ball she follows him and wearing a disguise she spies on him and there she will learn some things she was not prepared to learn.

Dr. Brendan Bradford cannot wait to make Amaryllis his wife, but her family wants to delay it. He leaves her at a ball to have dinner with a friend and while he is there he sees a new waitress that reminds him of his beloved. What will she do when he gets her in a room to teacher her about love?

Solange Ayre gives the readers a little lesson in love with French Kiss. This is a beautifully written love story that will have readers melting. This is an awesome sizzling read.

Having It All by Desiree Holt
Mac Fontana makes it big in music, but he cannot forget the one woman that he had loved and lost, Daisy Giles. He made the wrong decision ten years ago and it was the biggest mistake of his life. Can he make it up to Daisy and win her back in one magical night?

Daisy Giles knows Mac is the love of her life, but she walked away when he broke her heart. Now he wants to see her so she can plan an event for him, but she has her doubts about the true meaning of this meeting. Will Daisy meet with Mac?

Desiree Holt has a fabulous way of giving the readers hope for true love in Having It All. This story takes the readers on an emotional roller coaster ride of sensuality. This one is a keeper for me.

Hungry Like a Wolf by Talya Bosco

Amanda has been burned by Ethan and she is ready to move on. She goes to meet a friend and he scares her. She goes home and Ethan is there. Will she let Ethan back in her life?

Ethan needs Amanda in the worse way. He walked away from her after what happened to his parents and the threat is still out there. He is not the only one that wants her. Will Ethan win his way back into Amanda's life?

Talya Bosco has an explosive read on her hands with Hungry Like a Wolf. This is a suspenseful, thrilling read. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Resisting Reed by Kristin Daniels

Marilee Reynolds is in love with her best friend's son and she is finally letting go. She is finally taking her life back after her divorce. No one is going to be telling her what she can do anymore. Will she go after Reed?

Reed Lunsford has lusted and loved his mother's best friend since he was sixteen years old. Marilee is now free from the man that did not deserve her and this is his chance to show her that he is the man for her. Will he succeed or will someone stand in his way?

Resisting Reed is a terrific read for all readers. Kristin Daniels gives the readers what they are asking for in a romance and so much more. This story should not be missed.

Trapped by Cindy Spencer Pape

Zeyd Vasari is a bounty hunter on a mission to find the woman he cannot forget. He finds her and they get trapped in an escape pod for twenty-four hours. He decides to convince her that they are meant to be together. What will Zeyd do to convince Tabrin?

Tabrin Jones is a bounty hunter on a mission to catch a counterfeiter. While on the hunt she runs into an old friend. He saves her life and gets her trapped in an escape pod. Now she is stuck with the one man she cannot say no to and no where to run. What will Tabrin do?

Cindy Spencer Pape has created a thrilling new world for the readers to explore. Trapped is a scorching tale that will have readers coming back for more. This is one hot read.

This is an awesome anthology that has a story for every type of romance out there. These authors have done a fantastic job of bringing us this wonderful collection of hot, sensual, passion-packed romance stories. I truly enjoyed this anthology. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

Reviewed by: Sonya