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Book Dedications by Debra Glass

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Dedicating a book seemed simple to me at first. I thought of my elementary school friend, Karen, who co-wrote countless tales with me from 5th grade on, the historical figures who've inspired my stories, and especially my adorable and supportive husband, Timm, without whose support, I wouldn't be doing this.

Stephen King said a writer who dedicates a book to a spouse has a spouse who "gets it." Timm may not have a handle on the intricacies of the publishing world but he definitely gets it. :-) (not to mention his invaluable help in the research and development department.)

I was touched that I could dedicate my 2009 CAPA Nominee, Bought and Paid For, to my feisty romance reading granny who learned I'd dedicated the book to her a few days before she passed away last year.

I've dedicated a book to my forum family, The Black Sheep. I've dedicated books to friends who've helped me with story ideas and research - Heath Mathews, one of my best friends and a cracker-jack military historian, and Elissa and Amy who helped me tremendously with my Wiccan heroine in Watchkeeper.

I'm even one of those lucky writers who has a dedication worthy editor, or two, or three. The help and support of an editor who understands and believes in what you're doing, will really make your stories shine.

And there are those friends who have dedications to come! (I've just been waiting for the perfect book for you, Stormy. How about Rebel Rose? Crossing my fingers here for a contract, soon.)

At first, I thought dedicating a book would be easy. It's not.

Who inspires you? To whom would you (or have you) dedicate(d) a book?