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Five Star Reviews for both Shadowkeeper and Gatekeeper by Debra Glass

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Praise for Shadowkeeper (the second book in the Phantom Lovers series) NOW IN PRINT!!

"Amy’s physic abilities have disappeared, and now, without a way to support herself, she has agreed to move into her stepbrother’s guesthouse and help him restore an old plantation. From the moment she steps foot in this house, Amy is assaulted with images, and information but her abilities have faltered and she isn’t sure she can trust herself. Her interest peaks when she gets a visit from the spirit of William Red Feather. William doesn’t want Amy anywhere near the plantation. There is evil here and as the reincarnation of his beloved Sarah, he wants to keep her safe. Amy has her own plans, and the sexy Indian is not going to sway her with hot kisses and multiple orgasms.

Shadowkeeper was an amazing story that brings past and present together to tell a very complicated story of love, lust, betrayal, and white verses black magic. Amy’s character is one of a kind and I enjoyed her bravery. Amy’s brother Reed played a huge role in this story, but managed to remain a secondary character all the while. William Red Feather was very sexy and despite being a ghost, I almost forgot he wasn’t real at times. There were other characters who played bit roles, and they kept this story moving forward without any slow moments. The sexual aspect was hot, but it seemed to take a back seat to the actual story. Ms. Glass did a wonderful job of bringing history to the present; yet, she was able to write it so you didn’t feel lost. Overall, this is a great story. I highly recommend Shadowkeeper as a must read!"  ~  Just Erotic Romance Reviews 

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Praise for Gatekeeper (the first book in the Phantom Lovers series)

It isn’t an easy existence when evil spirits follow you all the time. This is why Nashville PD criminal profiler Jillian Drew never really came to terms with her special psychic abilities. Her scientific approach makes her top notch in her field but it isn’t going to help her when her sister Amy Drew is abducted. Helped only by the ghost of a Civil War officer Thomas Benton Smith, Jillian not only has to find her sister but keep herself safe from soul collectors and fight off a growing attraction to Benton. What is the key element that binds them all together in this dangerous situation?

There is so much going on for Jillian that she doesn’t even have the time to stop and breathe. Together with her, I was equally at the edge of my seat trying to figure everything out. I must say she has quite a head on her shoulders as I would certainly had lost mine if put in a similar situation. Benton is lovably dashing with his nineteenth-century appeal and incredible lovemaking. It was amazing how a relationship between a human and a ghost made sense and was totally believable. I could feel the wanting and desire each felt for the other. The love scenes portrayed the same intensity of feelings and were a wonderful break from the suspenseful proceedings. The plot generally moved along at a fast pace with clever twists and turns. The story idea was quite unique and I really enjoyed the concept. Ms. Glass explanation of her lead character’s history was well-researched and added to the enjoyment. You will never guess the ending because the author is that good. Amidst all the spooky chilly chaos, she managed to deliver a romance that will warm the readers’ hearts and hot sex scenes that will keep them coming for more. All the secondary characters settled in well and helped the story to come to its edge-of- the-seat conclusion. With this first book in the Phantom Lovers series, I have high hopes for all the upcoming installments. Ultimately, Phantom Lovers: Gatekeeper is a fiery, exciting, and especially engaging paranormal romance from beginning to end. ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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