Everly Ryan

Historical Romance Author

Coming April 2011 - A Young Adult Romance - Haunted by Debra Glass

"Champagne Books", "Debra Glass", "Haunted History", "paranormal romance", "young adult romance"Debra GlassComment
Can a heart still love once it stops beating?

Wren Darby’s hopes of having a normal life died when she did. Especially since her near death experience has left her with a disfiguring scar and psychic ability. Not exactly most popular material.

Now Wren has moved to a quaint town in Tennessee. Known for its sprawling antebellum homes, Columbia seems like the perfect place for Wren to recover from the scars she bears both inside and out.

There’s just one problem—her house is haunted by Jeremiah Ransom, the handsome ghost of a young Civil War soldier who lived and died in her new home.

As she grapples with the terrifying new skills that come with being a psychic, Wren realizes she may not be prepared for a strangely beautiful love that just might last forever.

Haunted, a young adult, paranormal romance, coming soon from Debra Glass and Champagne Books.

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