Everly Ryan

Historical Romance Author

Black Raven's Reviews Awards Twice the Novice by Debra Glass 4 Ravens!

"Blackraven's Reviews", "Debra Glass", "Ellora's Cave", "HIstorical Romance", "Twice the Novice", "bdsm romance", "taboo"Debra GlassComment
"Sexy and steamy." ~ Black Raven's Reviews

Shamed by secrets, Anne Meredith will do anything to fulfill her marriage contract to a mysterious Bavarian count. Even if it means submitting to Axel von Sommerhalder, the handsome stranger the count has enlisted to train her. She thinks the intimate punishments her trainer metes out will be a humiliating ordeal. Instead, as she finds herself surrendering to the dominant desires of a man forbidden to claim her, she discovers even more about herself than she ever dreamed possible.

Axel demands that his novice abandon every inhibition. But in doing so, they both embark on a dangerous journey, tempting each other’s flesh, relishing every forbidden touch—and breaking every rule.

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