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JERR Awards Having Patience by Debra Glass 4.5 Stars!

"Debra Glass", "Ellora's Cave", "HIstorical Romance", "Having Patience", "Just Erotic Romance Reviews"Debra Glass1 Comment
Upon his marriage to Lady Patience Hadley Mims, James Camplyon, the Earl of Somerset, finds his bride terrified of his attention on their wedding night. To allay her fears the Earl presents Patience with boxes of erotic novels from which she must choose a scene for them to act out each night. Little does James realize what he’s about to uncover in stripping the dark secrets from Patience’s past, nor the untold pleasure they’ll discover in each other’s arms.

"Having Patience is a steaming hot read with elements of light BDSM thrown into the mix to make this a romance that you can cuddle up with on a cold winter night, or any other night you want to read an entertaining novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this historical adventure and have found another author to include on my auto-buy list. 

The characters were a joy to discover, Ms. Glass delving into their psych to give us two people I cared about, with some very hot sex once they get past the barrier Patience erected during her childhood trauma. Not only were they true to their time but I felt the plot was well researched with convincing dialogue. The plot was thoroughly engrossing, and while secondary characters did have small parts to play, the story concentrated on James and Patience and how they were able to gain a better understanding of each other and allow their relationship to strengthen. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the pace and how Ms. Glass slowly revealed Patience and James to us as two individuals who were well suited both sexually and emotionally, and the very naughty sexual games between them that lent credence to their tale. Patience and James were at times extremely passionate, thoroughly naughty, and indulged in varied sexual games to whet any readers’ appetite, especially when James showed his masterful side. 

I was hooked from the first page and look forward to reading more from this author." ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews