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My 2010 by Debra Glass

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2010 is over, but not without all those "best and worst of" lists.

My guilty pleasure is watching the Top 100 songs of 2010, any recap of the year show, even Junk in the Trunk with the Kardashians. So I've compiled a few lists of my own.

Standout Books I read in 2010

These are the books that stand out in my mind without even having to think about it. 2010 was the Year of Vicki Lewis Thompson and Lora Leigh for me. I met Vicki when she was the keynote speaker at the 2009 Heart of Dixie Romance Readers Luncheon and have been a fan ever since.

1. Wild and Hexy by Vicki Lewis Thompson
2. Blonde With a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thomspon
3. Highlander in Disguise by Julia London
4. Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh
5. Bengal's Heart by Lora Leigh
6. The Virgin's Lover, Phillipa Gregory

Favorite Gadgets

1. Western Elements External Hard Drive - Thanks O.G.! (guess what everyone got for Christmas in 2010)
2. Sony E Reader - I made more new friends from people who were curious about my E Reader!
3. My bluetooth - I love being hands free.

Favorite Music I Revisited Over and Over in 2010

1. Cruel Black Dove, Love My Way (Psychedelic Furs cover)
2. We Radiate, Goldfrapp
3. The whole Monster CD by Lady Gaga
4. Walking On Air, Kerli
5. 10,000 Miles, Mary Chapin Carpenter
6. Pulling Our Weight, The Radio Dept.

Works I Contracted and/or Published in 2010

1. Having Patience (June)
2. Badcock (July)
3. More Than a Mistress (August)
4. Rebel Rose (September)
5. Twice the Novice (October)
6. Lover by Chance (July)
7. Haunted (Due to be released April 2011)

My 2010 Highlights

1. Watching my youngest perform in 101 Dalmatians
2. Watching my oldest perform in Annie
3. Being nominated in the CAPAs for Bad Kitty and Bought and Paid For and for favorite author of 2009
4. Being a finalist in the Passionate Plume for Bad Kitty and Bought and Paid For
5. Seeing Mrs. O'Neal's ghost in broad daylight, along with a field trip of 64 school students on my Haunted History of the Shoals Ghost Walk Tour

My Worst of 2011 List

1. Sarah Palin's Alaska
2. Anything regarding Jon and Kate
3. The Gulf Oil Spill

My 2011 Wish List and Things to Anticipate

1. Growing as a writer
2. Attending at least one conference
3. Continuing to ignore the detractors
4. Read more
5. Season 4 of True Blood
6. William and Kate's Big British Wedding

So, what are a few things on your lists?