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Scarlet Widow by Debra Glass Receives Nod as Best Historical by TRS

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I am pleased to announce that The Romance Studio has nominated Scarlet Widow in the Best Historical category in the tenth annual Cupid and Psyche Awards. Scarlet Widow’s cover artist, Dar Albert is also nominated for the Ari for best cover art.

What are the CAPA's? They are awards given by The Romance Studio for excellence in romantic fiction. Categories include inspirational, contemporary, fantasy, historical, paranormal, romantic suspense, young adult, sci-fi, anthology, BDSM, and the Ariana Overton Award for Best Cover Art or the Ari.

The final awards will be announced on February 14, 2013.

For a list of all the nominees, visit The Romance Studio CAPA Awards


Scarlet Widow

scarletwidow_msr Tough…or tender? If she follows her heart, she won’t have to choose.

Molly has forever lusted for all three Barksdale brothers, but could never choose. Instead, scandal chose for her, and she married the youngest of the three. Then the brothers go to war, and Molly finds herself a grieving widow when her husband is murdered by a merciless band of Union soldiers.

Hardin Barksdale is hell-bent on avenging his brother. Greer Barksdale is honor-bound to protect his home. They both want Molly—and this time, they’re willing to share. The temptation is seductive, the passion sizzling. In harsh, post-war Tennessee, their nightly forbidden trysts wield the power to heal them all—if they can escape the twisted desires of a man bent on seeing all three of them dead.

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TRS Review of Scarlet Widow

Molly has always lusted after all three Barksdale brothers, never being quite able to choose one over the other until her scandalous actions and vengeful gossip chooses for her and she marries the youngest brother.  With the war raging, all three brothers go to protect what they believe in, never realizing the price they will each have to pay.  Molly finds herself a widow when her husband is murdered by a band of Union soldiers. 

Greer and Hardin Barksdale both have always been in love with Molly.  Both brothers will do whatever is necessary to protect and love her even if that includes sharing her with each other.  Nightly Molly and her lovers blaze a trail of desire and love that tempts even as it heals the anguish and destruction that the war has caused them.  But a mad man stalks them, hell-bent on seeing all of them dead.

The strength of Ms. Glass’s writing draws the reader into her deeply emotional and moving love stories time and time again and her latest, Scarlet Widow is no exception.  By intertwining passion and history overlaid with a great depth of emotion and laced with a relentless increasing level of sensuality between Greer, Molly and Hardin the reader is treated to dark and utterly seductive story that pulls-at-the-heartstrings!  Set during the Civil War, Scarlet Widow gives the reader a gripping, detailed and vividly descriptive look at the heartache, hardships and cruelties of war, Molly and the Barksdale brothers experienced that forever changed their lives.  The historically filled pages are brimming with tension, hope and courage, richly portrayed in such a way that the reader will have a difficult time putting this story down.

Greer, Molly and Hardin are bold and endearing characters that demand the attention of the reader from the very first time they are introduced.  Greer and Hardin each believably struggle for different reasons to face their fears and their love for Molly trying to do right by her.  The realistic anguish and fiery passion Molly struggles with in her love of both Hardin and Greer is mesmerizing.  These characters are incredibly alive and ones the reader will come to care for deeply.  The sexual desire is deliciously decadent and erotically satisfying, heating up the pages to explosive levels! 

Overall rating: