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Historical Romance Author

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Flavors Of Ecstasy I

French Kiss

Solange Ayre

Amaryllis Gardner, from one of Boston’s best families, is engaged to Dr. Brendan Bradford. Although wealthy, Brendan has no social status due to his Irish heritage. Amaryllis wonders whether he’s marrying only to achieve social position.

Suspicious of her fiancé’s visit to a supper club/brothel, Amaryllis disguises herself as a French prostitute. They engage in a passionate sexual encounter that leaves both of them desperate for more. Amaryllis soon learns exciting new sexual techniques that thrill Brendan. As their craving for each other intensifies, she fears he desires the wanton prostitute more than his prim fiancée.

Hungry Like A Wolf

Talya Bosco

Twelve months after the crushing heartbreak of being dumped by Ethan, the gorgeous Alpha werewolf who was the love of her life, Amanda is finally picking up the pieces. But the ties that bind the two lovers are strong, stronger than Ethan’s resolve to stay away. One sizzling touch, one passionate kiss, is all it takes for the insatiable hunger inside each of them to explode into life.

But Ethan has a determined rival, for Amanda’s affection and a whole lot more, and he’ll stop at nothing to win it all.

Resisting Reed

Kristin Daniels

Are lustful thoughts of your best friend’s son a sinful pleasure or an act of betrayal?

Reed has never hidden from Marilee the decadent passions he wants to share with her. Now that she’s free from her cheating ex-husband, she’s finally able to let her resistance slip and give in to temptation. But when their relationship is exposed during an afternoon of sensual self-discovery, will Marilee lose a treasured friendship, or will she be able to keep it all, including the man she loves?

Extra Sensual Perception

Debra Glass

When Iris Thompson is asked to use her psychic skills to help solve a string of recent deaths, she’s not surprised when her intuition points to a serial killer, all evidence to the contrary. But she is surprised that, though there have been only three deaths, she psychically intuits four names.

Even more shocking are her erotic trances featuring the handsome fourth man, known only as Peyton. As the images intensify, Iris has precious little time to discover if her extra-sensual perceptions are leading her to a victim—or the man of her dreams.

Having It All

Desiree Holt

When country rock singer Mac Fontana got his big break, he and Daisy Giles celebrated with a long night of fulfilling sex, where they explored each other’s bodies and took their intimacy further than ever before. It seemed as if nothing could ever go wrong. Then Mac broke Daisy’s heart and it was ten years before they saw each other again. Now, in one long night of erotic sex, Mac must prove to Daisy that she can trust him again and that together, they can have it all.


Cindy Spencer Pape

Intergalactic bounty hunters Tabrin Jones and Zeyd Vasari, sometime lovers and continual rivals, are trapped for twenty-four hours in a tiny escape pod. To make matters worse, the atmosphere in the pod has the effect of loosening inhibitions. Amid the marathon sexual experience of a lifetime, will Zeyd also be able to convince Tab that they belong together forever?

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