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Guest Blogger and Author Juli D Revezzo on Unrecorded History

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Today I'm welcoming my friend and author Juli D Revezzo to the blog! Juli's books are  filled to the brim with evocative world building and wonderfully crafted characters. So, without further adieu, Heeeerrrrrrrrrreee'ssss Juli . . .

What do you get when you mix a nice studious woman with a war from hell? Well…. I asked that question in my novel Passion’s Sacred Dance, coming out from The Wild Rose Press. Stacy Macken has known all her life the stories her family has to tell. Somewhere back in their early days the story claims they were witness to a battle fought between the Irish gods, The Tuatha dé Danann, and their enemy Balor of the Evil Eye.

I trawled through all the versions of the Medieval story I could find and there’s really not a whole lot to go on. So when Stacy told me “Scholars! Believe me, they don’t know everything.” I wondered is it true? Could there be more to the story than the general populace knows?

Then she went into this whole long history. It seems her family had really been involved, and going all the way back to the ice age! The problem with characters is they can’t do the research for you for however much they try to convince us they’re know it alls. ;) I dug into to good ole Google and my collection of books on the Celts, and you know, they really did go very far back into history. While they harried the Greeks and Romans, it’s possible they’ve been around a lot longer than that. So it was easy to build a whole history for the family, to have them show up fighting the same battles their ancestors did—and who’s to say the battles didn’t come because two sets of gods (ie. Balor and the Tuatha dé Danann) were at each other’s throats again? After all, don’t we know that history—to paraphrase the old adage—isn’t always written about accurately? My goodness, even the scholars don’t always agree with each other!

It was definitely a fun idea to play with. I got to mix Stacy’s modern life with the Celtic and Classical history I’ve been studying for years, and watch things like Spartacus and Warrior Queen and tried my best to recreate the eras involved. J I hope you enjoy the result.

Passion’s Sacred Dance.

 Battling mounting debt, Stacy Macken is determined not to lose her historic art gallery. When Aaron Fielding appears and offers to help, she fights to keep the attraction sizzling between them from clouding her judgment. He may be her savior in disguise--but can she trust him?

Aaron intrigues her with tales of the Tuatha dé Danann, sworn warriors who protect humanity from the monsters seeking their destruction. If Aaron can prove what he claims, she would give up anything to help--even the gallery he claims is sacred ground. But with her property set to stage the next epic battle, she needs answers. An old family diary will confirm the ancient legend is true, if only they can find it in time.

If the battle is lost, the enemy will take control of Earth for the next five hundred years. Stacy and Aaron's budding love might only complicate things.

Aaron planted his stance against the ground like the roots of a great oak tree, and pulled out his harshad. He flipped the handle over in his hand and two flail-like ends emerged. The ends cut through the glass wall, and snaked around the lawyer’s throat like metal ropes, before tightening.

The lawyer’s face began to turn red. Rendered immobile, he stumbled easily as Aaron gave the handle a hard tug. Stacy screeched as she tripped along with him. Aaron stepped through the wall, pried Bradley’s fingers from Stacy’s flesh, and shoved her protectively behind his back.

“Do me a favor,” he ground out between clenched teeth. “Call the number I gave you yesterday. They’ll  do us more good than 9-1-1.”

Stacy turned and ran for the hall as the lawyer  hissed out, “You should learn not to get involved,  unsavory one.”

Aaron swallowed his relief when he heard Stacy slam the door against the wall. He turned his attention back to the cackling lawyer.

“I would give you the same warning, human.” Aaron studied the man in earnest, his voice calm.

“You  have no idea what you’re involved in.”

“I should say the same to you.”

“Oh, I know the depths of their malevolence.” He tugged Bradley’s shirt collar down to reveal the glowing green eye tattooed on his chest. The lawyer’s breathing became more shallow, and sweat trickled from his temple.

“Do you know what you’re dealing with? Think long and hard about which side of the debtors’ line you’ll be on when the battle comes.” He slung the lawyer around, towards the back door. “Tell your masters this ground will carry my brand when all is said and done, or I shall gladly hound them to the ends of their unnatural lives!”

*sigh* I love a good warrior, don’t you? Would you like to read more? If so, Passion’s Sacred Dance is available now at Amazon and coming soon to The Wild Rose Press store and other retailers.

For more on these and other books visit Juli at: http://julidrevezzo.com/