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My Writing Process

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I hope you’re having a fantastic Monday! I’ve been invited to take part in a “My Writing Process” blog tour where authors tell about how they’re inspired and how they create their characters, choose their settings, and craft their stories.

I was graciously invited to join the tour by author, Katherine Bone, who blogged about her process last Monday on her own blog. Katherine writes fabulous tales featuring swashbuckling characters and unforgettable adventure. Thanks for including me, Katherine!


I’d like to start with a new technique I’ve employed to speed up my writing: plotting. I’m the consummate pantser, which means I write by the seat of my pants, letting my characters drive the story. While I’m still a pantser, and like to allow my stories to unfold naturally, I’ve started – with the help of some author friends - plotting the characters’ backgrounds, motivations and goals in more detail. By knowing the characters better up front, it’s easier for me to write cleaner and faster.

What am I working on? Right now, I’m writing Lashwood, a Victorian historical follow-up to Rakehell. Like most authors I fell completely in love with one of Rakehell’s secondary characters. Lashwood is contracted with Ellora’s Cave and will tell Benedict’s story.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I love old school Victorian erotica. It’s naughty. It’s not completely PC. My heroines are a blend of feisty femmes and damsels in distress. While they might swoon when swept into the arms of the hero, they’re also very likely to save his life in the end.

Why do I write what I do? I majored in history and very much love how the mores and taboos of past centuries add to the conflict. I love to read historical romance, to be swept away by the settings and costumes (or lack thereof!).

How does your writing process work? I don’t have a set time where I sit down and write. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a few paragraphs on the page between my two precocious daughters and my glaring of diabolical cats. Usually, I look at images of people (mainly actors and actresses) who inspire the look of my characters. I peruse images of settings, antiques, grand estates, clothing of the period. I collect historical accounts, letters, biographies and stories to enrich my writing. I save all these in a sort of virtual scrapbook to which I will refer many times while writing. My favorite part of my process is creating a unique playlist from my extensive library of soundtrack music.

So, there’s my writing process.

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