Everly Ryan

Historical Romance Author

Hot Encounters Box Set


Haunt Me

Jillian Drew is a criminal profiler, grounded and analytical. But deep inside, she fears the intuitive abilities she’s possessed all her life. She’s done everything possible to turn her back on her psychic insight. But now her eccentric sister has been abducted, and nothing in her criminology background has prepared Jillian for that tragedy—or for Benton Walker, the ghost of a sexy soldier, and the only witness to Amy’s abduction.  

Fearful of the brazen specter, Jillian nevertheless needs his help and she’ll do anything to get it. But nothing is as it seems, and Benton’s soul hangs in the balance. Uncovering centuries old secrets could either save him—or have dangerous consequences for them both.

Summon Me

Past catastrophic events have stripped Amy Drew of her psychic powers. Hoping to heal, she has moved to a quiet Southern town to help her brother restore a decaying plantation house. Belle Ruisseau is eerily familiar, awakening visions of a time long past, and memories that are not Amy’s own. Local legend has it the house is haunted, and when human remains are discovered in the cellar, Amy senses danger—and much more.

From her very first encounter with the ghost of William Red Feather, Amy sizzles with desire for the beguiling spirit. But shadowy past-life secrets separate them, and as more evidence becomes known to her, she soon realizes mysterious deaths at the plantation—both past and present—all point to her phantom lover. For William has his own connection to the plantation. A connection that threatens to unearth a dangerous secret that just might result in Amy’s death—all over again.

Treasure Me

When Gwendolyn Wyse booked a room at a bed and breakfast in romantic Charleston, South Carolina, she’d hoped to rekindle the flame in her cold, unresponsive husband. What she didn’t expect were divorce papers—or her husband’s untimely death. Shocked and desperate, Gwen relies on her background as a witch and her knowledge of magic, invoking the rite of twilight to bring her husband’s soul back from the dead. But nothing prepares her for the swashbuckling spirit who answers her call—Stede Bonnet, the gentleman pirate who died on that very spot three centuries prior and who now possesses her husband’s body. 

Stede offers Gwen all the passion she never had with her husband. But when the pirate lays claim to her heart, Gwen must choose between the man she loves and the demands of Stede’s mortal enemy, a villainous spirit with the power to take away everything Gwen holds most dear—including her pirate lover.

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