Everly Ryan

Historical Romance Author


Skeletons of the Civil War True Ghost Stories of the Army of Tennessee

“This book is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in ghosts and the Civil War. With this thought-provoking and well-written book, Glass probes, with eloquence, a topic that raises tough questions while providing plenty of evidence for answers. Mathews inclusion of accurate historical detail surpasses any other ghostlore book on this subject. One of the best books I’ve read in recent years.” — Joe H. Slate, Ph.D., author of Beyond Reincarnation

Ghostly legends abound wherever history has made its mark. Skeletons of the Civil War follows the ghosts of the Army of Tennessee from the bloody Battle of Shiloh to its decimation on the killing fields of Franklin. Combining the craft of a story-teller (Glass), with the expert knowledge of a military historian (Mathews), the stories in this book are packed with archival photographs and intriguing first-hand accounts. Read fresh, spine-tingling accounts of a headless horseman who gallops through the eerie cedar glades at Stones River, the tale of the regiment which earned the nickname The Bloody Ninth at Shiloh, the phantom regiment at Resaca, the spirit of Tennessee’s dashing Boy General, who followed a woman home, the mysterious empty graves near the Hazen monument, weirdness at The Dead Angle, true accounts of spirits who haunt the cavernous rooms of Tennessee’s grand plantation houses, the tragic tale of Captain Tod Carter who was shot down within sight of his home, and many more.

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