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Some Like it Sweet

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Death by Chocolate by Debra Glass

Psychic Aries Mackenzie is having nightmares of dying at the hands of a serial killer who feeds his victims drug-laced chocolates. Aided by one of Atlanta’s finest—tall, black and handsome Detective Trip Washington—Aries attempts to use her powerful intuition to solve the recent string of deaths.

To activate her sixth sense, however, she has to put herself in the victim’s shoes. Literally. Aries is bound, blindfolded and fed bits of chocolate as she submits to a shocked and disbelieving Trip. She expected the psychic hits—but not the promise of love to come. Still, her intuition may not be enough to save her from a death by chocolate.

Ex Factor by Anh Leod

Can you go home again? Columbo Balbane still misses his ex, even though he’s far away from her, transporting cargo around the solar system. He’s still in love…and in lust.

Teasy Rose never told Columbo she’s a witch. In the ten months since their relationship ended, she’s decided to stop living without magic. She’s sold her candy shop and founded Ex Factor, a facility where people simulate last meetings with old lovers. Spells help her impersonate other people’s exes. Now Columbo has set up an appointment with her, without knowing it’s the real Teasy.

Is she ready for closure? If not, can he live with the consequences of her lifestyle change, particularly in a time when witches are outlaws?

Nancy's Sweet Spelling Bee by Elaine Lowe

A hot, sexy roan werewolf spends six months planning a romantic proposal for his werejaguar mate. So, what does he do when the night before all his plans come to fruition, she suddenly proposes to him after a spicy tryst on the kitchen floor? He chokes, of course. She runs off into the night, a sleek black jaguar so good at hiding, not even a werewolf could find her.

Will Robert Wakely ever get Nancy Gardener to talk to him again, much less marry him? Between the memories of their romps and some romantic and provocative gifts, Nancy is wooed well. Get ready for a Valentine’s spelling bee full of candy, sexy fun and surprising twists, where everyone is a winner in the end.

Sweet Satisfaction by Alexis Canto

Nick feels lost when he finds himself in a twenty-first century candy store. The last thing he knew, he was on a Civil War battlefield in 1863. Now he’s surrounded by sweet confections, none sweeter than Megan, the woman standing in front of him.

Megan has always wanted to experience dangerous sex—something that gets her adrenaline pumping. Now is her chance for a thrilling encounter. But Nick isn’t the only ingredient in her fantasy come true. His fellow soldier Dave is on the scene, ghostly but eager to please and be pleasured before he goes on to the hereafter.

A sexy blond ghost, a horny brown-haired time traveler and a woman craving adventure make a recipe for one hot afternoon.